At Help Souls we believe that all children in the world have the right to be
cared for and the right to be protected


Everyone has a right to have a comfortable life and that includes both children and adults.  But sadly, all fingers are not equal.  This dis proportionality in living conditions has accounted for the unhappy life of many people.  The poor or less privileged adults lack something as basic as clothes, while less privileged kids may lack clothes and toys.  Plenty thanks to the careful and considerate minds who use the Eid-ul-fitr celebrations to lend a helping hand to adults and kids in the area of clothing items and toys.  But that has been the only means of reaching out to these less privileged people, which from all indications seems to be inadequate in meeting the needs of these set of individuals.

Therefore, you certainly do not need to wait for Eid-ul-fitr alone before you can show how much you care for these needy set of people.  You can leverage our open market to showcase your love for them by donating your used clothes, toys, educational books to those who will appreciate you for it.

You can put a smile today on somebody’s face by providing them with access to used clothes.  It is possible that you may not see such gesture as anything, but it can mean the entire world to someone out there.  Together, with our collection, we can make the less privilege look good and become very confident of themselves.  A little kindness and outstretched hands is all that is required to change the narrative for someone who has no hope to dress the way they ought to.

We are looking at the possibility of providing the poor with the much needed assistance without them having to wait for Eid-ul-fitr only.  We are operating an all year round market where these items can be accessed by the less privileged without paying any money.  So if you have any used clothes, toys or educational books in your house, you can turn them in instead of leaving them to rot in your house.  When they are brought to us they can be accessed by the less privileged, which will help to add some amount of life to that individual.  Our store would provide the less privileged with the choice of selecting whatever clothes they like from all the ones that were donated.  Plus kids will equally have the opportunity to select their choice of toys from the pool of donated toys.

The effort to make the less privileged happy can be in different forms.  It can be in the form of providing them with food, assisted education, and even giving them access to shelter.  Interestingly, with us, you only need some used clothes, toys and educational materials to be of assistance to the old and the young.  We equally encourage others in Bangladesh and around the world to set up FREE market for the poor and less privileged so that they can enjoy the basic things in life without bothering about the financial implications.

In the future, we have plan to help under privileged people financially for medical treatment and give free medicine to them as a way of assisting them with whatever medical challenges they may be having

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We envision a free market – or a cluster of free markets – that will open for the whole year round and allow these underprivileged people with free clothes and toys of their choice. We will not only provide them with free stuff but also fill their innocent hearts with joy by providing them with the clothing of their choice.


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