"Help Souls - Relieving Poverty" is a charity organization that avails FREE clothing, toys, educational materials, and medical treatment for the poor and underprivileged families in Bangladesh.  We have opened a store in Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh where poor underprivileged families can come and get the clothes, toys, health care products, educational materials for absolutely FREE.

These families are already burdened by their poor conditions and have no means to provide their children with enough clothing or toys or education.  Just because a child is born to a poor family, they should not be deprived of the normal amenities of life.

Every child deserves to play with nice toys that make them smile.  Every child should have all the means to study and learn.  Every child deserves access to nice clothes and medical help.  And that’s what motivates us to work and deliver for these people.

We have opened a free market that is open for the whole year round and allow these underprivileged people with free clothes, toys and educational materials of their choice.  We not only provide them with free stuff but also fill their innocent hearts with joy by providing them with the clothing of their choice.

Here is what we are doing in a nutshell:

  • Avail free clothing to the underprivileged people as per their choice  They don’t have to take whatever life gives them.  We are allowing them to choose and get the clothing of their choice.  It isn’t just warming up their bodies but also their hearts. And that shows a true smile on the faces of those underprivileged adults and little children.

  • Give FREE toys to the underprivileged children – They rarely have any toy – let aside nice toys.  By giving them free toys, we are developing their creativity as well as fill their hearts with joy and hope.

  • Provide FREE educational material to the kids and children – So they can learn and understand life – and find solutions to the problem they face in their daily lives.  No children who want to read, give up on study just because they cannot buy a book. No more.

  • Set up free-market(s) – A place where poor and underprivileged families can visit year-around and pick the stuff of their choice – for FREE !!!.

  • Embolden others to join the movement – Most of us have some useless clothing, toys, and educational books that we do not need anymore.  If you have something that you do not use anymore, we ask and help you donate it to someone who needs and appreciates it more than anything else.

We also encourage others to set up similar FREE Markets all across Bangladesh.  So more and more people can benefit from it.  Our vision is to leave no children without the toys to play with or nice clothing to put on.

In the end, it’s the active donors and people like you who strengthen our mission and provide us with the courage to move forward.  We want to thank you for all the support and trust that you have provided us with.

If you have something that you do not need anymore – or if you would like to join hands with us – contact us as soon as possible.  We, together, can bring smiles on hundreds and thousands of faces.

Help Souls is a charity organization that avails free clothing, toys, educational materials, and medical treatment for the poor and underprivileged families

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