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FREE Store opens in Dhaka, Bangladesh to provide FREE products to poor underprivileged families

"Help Souls - Relieving Poverty" is a charity organization which provides free clothing, toys, educational materials, and medical treatment for the poor and underprivileged families in Bangladesh. We have opened a store called “FREE Market” in Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh where poor underprivileged families can come and get the clothes, toys and educational materials absolutely for FREE.

After collecting Clothes, Toys and Educational materials from kind donor like you, here is our process of distributing donation materials to underprivileged families:

1. The store opens once a week and approximately 100 people are allowed to enter the store

2. We distribute the tokens to poor underprivileged families few days prior to open our store. We inform the underprivileged families few days in advance to come to the store at a certain time and date which is written in the token. When tokens are given, we make sure that they are poor families and with disabilities. Poor underprivileged families who are previously given tokens, come to our store on that day and stand in the line outside.

3. Two or three people enter into the store at a time with a token and they give back the tokens to the "store keeper" while entering the store

4. Then, they choose one item of clothing for him or herself and one garment for their child (if they bring the child with them), according to their choice from the clothing rack, for FREE

5. There are boxes filled with toys and a child can pick any one toy of his or her choice from the toy box for FREE

6. If any child or adult needs educational books then they can pick up the educational book from the shelf for FREE

7. A child is also given FREE candy when they leave the store

8. We also provide FREE over-the-counter medicine to underprivileged families from our store

9. During COVID-19 pandemic, we distributed below:

** Distributed FREE raw food which included - 2 kg chaal, 2 kg aloo, 1 kg moshari daal, 1 kg oil. ** Distributed FREE Corona virus Hygienic Kit which included - 12 face masks, 1 sanitize soap, 10 Paracetamol ACE 500

Our main focus is that the tokens are given to very poor families. But if any lower middle-class person comes for a token and explains that they have a valid reason then they are given a token. For example, even if the person is lower middle-class and that person is the main earner within the family, that person may not have a job for several months and may be struggling to provide the necessary clothes, toys, and educational materials for their family. Even though that person is lower middle-class, in the background he may be struggling; we don't know about his adverse situation. Allah says that you will be rewarded if you relieve a burden from any person. Anyways, our focus is mainly on very poor, underprivileged families and tokens are given according to that.

Without your help and support, we will not able to continue help poor underprivileged families to bring joys and happiness to their hearts. We are collecting donation materials all year around and please donate your used old Clothes, Toys and Educational materials.

Our donation drop off address:

House No 26, Block A, Road No 18,

Banani, Dhaka 1213. Bangladesh

Contact phone number: 01732 195738

For Monetary donation:

Please share this information and sharing this information can benefit any underprivileged family.

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