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How Can You Help By Donating To "Help Souls - Relieving Poverty" - A FREE Market?

A life of ease and comfort is what everyone struggles for. More often than not, these requirements aren’t met by the majority of people, especially those living in developing countries. The same is true for Bangladesh. There’s a great population of those who cannot afford the luxuries of buying new clothes, toys, or go to school. We must figure out a way to help our community and provide them with the necessities of life.

Help Souls has opened a store in Alam Arcade at Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh to help the underprivileged in many ways. They have currently created a free market for underprivileged people so they have easy access to clothing, toys and educational materials. For this, they need your help and support to make sure that their initiative holds value.

What Is A Free Market?

People who’re self-sufficient and have a decent income can easily purchase items they want from the nearby stores. Free markets differ from these as such transactions aren’t made in them. A store is set up where items are stacked and made available for those who can’t afford to buy them. These items, that are mostly clothes, toys and educational materials are ready to be picked by people without having to pay for them. Thus, the name “FREE Market”. They don’t have to pay for any product that they take. It is absolutely FREE for poor and underprivileged families.

How Can You Help?

Your smallest efforts can indeed make a huge difference in someone else’s life. Then, why shouldn’t you try to achieve that and aim to make a positive difference by helping someone? There are various ways that you can aid in the mission of Help Souls. It doesn’t require too much from you, other than a little bit of time.

· Clothes

Too many old clothes hanging in your wardrobe that you have no use for? You can easily donate these old and used clothes to this organization so that they can be worn by someone who would appreciate them. If you have children in your home, then you can donate some of their clothes as well as Help Souls aims to cater to every age group.

· Toys

Children are innocent and deserve to be happy. It’s not fair for those who have to grow up and let go of their childish whims because of the hardships they face in life. Play a part in ensuring that underprivileged children have something to hold on to keep their childhood alive. By donating old toys, you can give them this.

· Educational Material

An important part of everyone’s lives is education. However, it’s unfortunate that not everyone is privileged enough to afford a decent education. It’s our responsibility to help such individuals by providing them a way to learn. You can donate books and other educational materials to help ensure that your community is on its way to becoming better.

Connect to Help Souls at their website to learn how to be a part of the change and donate for a good cause. With ongoing maintaining the store and providing FREE products, they’re sure to require more donations and yours could make all the difference!

Please contact +880 1732 195738 to donate your unwanted clothes, toys and educational materials to bring joys and happiness to the hearts of poor and under privileged families. For monetary donation

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