At Helps Souls, we have drawn up a roadmap for ourselves to guide us and assist us in achieving our vision.  Our roadmap has been differentiated into stages, something we have come to recognize as projects.  Therefore these projects have been streamlined into the following:

Free Market

A regular market is a place where people sell and buy stuffs.  But if you do not have money, you cannot partake in such transactions.  This is a limitation to adults who want to wear clothes but cannot afford to buy one.  So we have set up a Free Market for adults and children who are underprivileged.  The idea is for them to come to such places and collect clothing items for free without having to pay a dime.  These adults and children have the opportunity to pick clothes according to their choice from our clothing rack.  Our focus is to make them happy and bring joy to their hearts by allowing them pick any cloth of their liking.  Therefore, if you share in our passion, you can assist us by donating your old or used clothes.  Such donations will eventually go a long way in affecting the lives of many and you will be glad you did.


Assembling Old Toys

Kids are entitled to all the happiness in this world because that is how God has created them.  Unfortunately, happiness will only be a fantasy when these kids come from a poor home.  The poor and under privileged children hardly have nice and expensive toys, and just because they are born to poor family, they should not be deprived from acquiring and playing with nice toys.  By giving FREE toys to under privileged children we bring smiles and joy to their innocent hearts.  So we have thought about these and think we can assist these little ones without burning a hole in our pockets.  Helps Souls is focused at putting together as many old toys as possible that will be given to us by our good, spirited donors.  These used toys will be given to children who come from poor homes.


Educational Materials

The right to education is something that should be enjoyed by every child.  At Helps Souls, we strongly believe in the saying – Knowledge is power! While the government should be appreciated for the much they are doing in terms of education, there is much more we can do to help the situation.  A child that is not educated is one destiny too many that has been altered.  We are seeking to make sure that even kids who come from a poor home can be educated.  That is why we are asking you for used educational materials.  These poor kids will be equipped with the right knowledge when we give them these materials.


Let us join our hands together in making all of these a dream come true.  Help us in making these projects a reality!

In the future, we have plan to help under privileged people financially for medical treatment and give free medicine to them as a way of assisting them with whatever medical challenges they may be having

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